Welcome to my blog! My name is Ashley and I have a great passion for exercising, eating healthy, and living a positive healthy and active lifestyle.

In January 2011, I discovered I was lactose intolerant.  Then, in July 2011, I discovered I was gluten intolerant.  I had been having awful stomach pains and after avoiding any foods with gluten for two weeks and not having any stomach pains, I knew this would become a new lifestyle.  I have not purposefully eaten gluten since and have never felt better.  I also became vegetarian in August 2011.  I was never a big meat eater and my mom had been a vegetarian for almost a year at this point, as well.  Whenever I had the choice between meat or my mom’s vegetarian meal, I always wanted what she was eating (in my opinion it looked, smelled, and tasted so much better).

In February 2012, I began to transistion into a vegan diet.  I had started to become very knowledgeable about the way animals are treated at factory farms and do not want to support these factories in any way.  Thank you to my mom for introducing me to this information and helping me realize what I can do to help save animals.

Ever since I began eliminating foods with gluten and eating a plant based diet, I have never felt more energized!  I have no more awful stomach pains, I never get headaches (only on days where I don’t get enough sleep and I mean like only 4 hours which is rare), I have so much more energy, and I just feel so much healthier in general. I enjoy eating a well-balanced diet of wholesome foods (which also gives me much more energy).  And even though I enjoy eating healthy, I still enjoy desserts! (You will find lots of dessert recipes here on my blog.)

As I have become more interested in cooking, I have discovered through various blogs and online recipes many amazing vegan, gluten free, and healthy recipes that I would love to try.  I have created this blog as a place for me to store all my favorite recipes.  Having this collection online has been a great place to store recipes instead of having endless pieces of paper shoved in a folder or binder that can get ruined or lost.  Plus, it can take forever to find the specific recipe I want if I have to flip through pages of endless recipes that are not in any particular order.  This blog has allowed me to easily find recipes that I have made before with just a few clicks so I can enjoy them again.  Another benefit to having a recipe blog online is I have access to it anywhere, anytime.   Most of these recipes are ones I have found online and adapted to suit my taste buds/preferences, but a few of the recipes are my own simple creations of meals I have enjoyed before.  I hope to share the wide variety of food options that can be enjoyed on a gluten free, vegan diet and show that healthy options can taste good!

The purpose of this blog:

  1. A personal place for me to store my favorite recipes.
  2. Bring awareness to others about veganism.
  3. Help others who are just beginning a vegan or gluten free diet and looking to create simple, tasty foods.
  4. A place to review my favorite products.  (I know how hard it is to find products that are vegan and gluten free and still taste good.  Instead of wasting money trying the vast amounts of different products hopefully this will help others looking for products worth spending the money on.)
  5. A place for me to record books I have read and for other book lovers to possibly find books that may appeal to them.
  6. A personal place for me to keep track of Bucket List items that I want to accomplish in my life.

Interested in veganism? Check this out: Veganism and the Environment
Some environmental reasons on why being vegan benefits the planet.

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