New Blog

Welcome to Green Living Ash!

I am actually currently transitioning my old blog from blogger to my new blog here at wordpress.  Basically, the reason I started my blog was because a little over a year ago I began eating a vegan diet and six months prior to that I discovered I have a gluten intolerance.  You can read more on my about me page.

Since then, I discovered a love for cooking delicious plant-based meals.  I decided to start a blog where I could post recipes (all vegan and gluten free) to my favorite meals and have access to them no matter where I’m cooking.  It is also a much easier way to file recipes and keep them organized rather than in a binder where papers can get easily lost or take forever to find the specific one I want to cook.  It also allows me to easily share my recipes with others who have enjoyed the food I made and asked for the recipe.

Most recipes are ones that I find online or in cookbooks because I am definitely not a chef and I usually need to follow a recipe exactly, but usually make small changes to adapt the recipe to suit my own tastebuds with seasonings and spices.  By putting the recipes on my blog I can remember exactly how I cooked the meal that I enjoyed so much!

I also hope these recipes inspire others who may be looking for simple and tasty vegan and gluten free foods whether you are vegan, are gluten free, transitioning to a vegan diet, or maybe none of the above but just want to enjoy some delicious food!

On my blog, you will also see posts about other things fun things going on in my life!

I hope you enjoy!


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