PB Banana Avocado Wrap

Today’s post is not really a recipe, it is actually a wrap I made and I absolutely loved the combination.  Usually I enjoy wraps/sandwiches for lunch, but I actually had this one for breakfast and I really enjoyed it at that time of the day.  This wrap had so many of my favorite foods all together and provided healthy fats, carbs and protein to keep me satisfied and energized all morning.


  1. Heat brown rice tortilla in the microwave for about 25 seconds. (This helps soften it so it will fold better.)
  2. Spread peanut butter on the wrap.  Then, spread on the avocado and top with the banana slices.
  3. Wrap it all up and enjoy!

I know this sounds like a weird combination with the avocado, but it paired really well with the peanut butter and banana.  If you love peanut butter, bananas, and avocados I’m sure you will love this wrap as much as I did!  I also highly recommend the coconut and peanut spread because it gave this wrap a tropically taste with the banana and avocado.  Coconut, banana, and avocado make me think of laying out in the sun on a beach…

This recipe yields approximately 375 calories and 6.5g protein.


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